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2001-12-03 21:06:15 (UTC)

September 6, 2001

Today was our first day back at school. My classes seem
like they will be easy, but we haven't really started any
work yet. I am sad that my old friends aren't in my classes
anymore, but happy at the chance to meet new people. I
think my favorite class is going to be Italian. Krystal is
in it with me, so we will probably get closer as the year
goes on. Unfortunately, Chris is also in that class with
us. It's not such a bad thing...but after everything that
has happened between the two of us, I don't know where we
both stand with each other. Messy relationships suck! And,
Jake is in most of my classes too. Everyone says he likes
me again, and I guess sometimes I think I stil like him,
but maybe we are better off as friends. Well however it
ends up, it ends up...and that will be the way it is meant
to be. That's all for now...

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