my life
2001-12-03 20:59:11 (UTC)

todays horrible long day

ugh today was soooooooooooooooo bad!
everyone's in the Holiday spirit. Bah Humbug forget that.
I'll hang around and be scrooge.
Okay guess what?! im so stressed out. im HARDLY ever
stressin over anything!! but's life!

I popped a blood vessel in my eye,i look like a freak. Hey
my true identity is showing! ut! Some friends are mad at me
because I don't like this certain "someone" anymore because
i like someone else.

ugh i wish i was always gettin told that im not
ugly. i wish i was....really...i do. no guy problems. ha!

oh yea....thanks jess,amanda,joe and kyle for bein there
for me! i did need that box of tissues. haha!
when daddy mad,jessica cry. haha that was funny.

oh yea...joe...thanks but uhh...i accidentally wiped ur #
of my hand. haha sry! eye is a little fucked up. Its red. and it hurts.
im afraid im going to turn my eye and its going to pop and
blood is going to go everywhere. ha EWE........

well im home home shitty home...and im happy for
now. just see how long thats gonna last?

im talking to jessica,and marc. neither of them have
anything to say. bahhhh humbug.

well ill write later when i have something to write ABOUT.

till then......
g'day mate.

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