Olivia's Kickin' Diary
2001-12-03 20:08:23 (UTC)

"I've had a bad day again"

Just got home from school.. it was a crappy day. I was all
down about Bob this morning so I decided that I'd dress up
hoping ppl would compliment me and make me feel better-- it
happened a little but I'm still not feeling better.. oh
well. Term paper is due tomorrow-- AGGHH!!! Raymer or
whatever his name is is calling me tonight.. haha.. I met
him @ the mall on Friday night w/ Emmily and Carrie and he
asked me for my number.. lol.. but still-- thats not Bob :(
I cant decide what I want anymore! There are only 2 guys
in the world that I think I can really be happy with and I
broke up w/ one b/c Im a friggen moron and the other wont
even give it a chance b/c of the 1/2 hr distance.. my
goodness! when I have my license I'm gonna be going to see
him all the time-- how could it not work??? oh well-- screw
it.. its not even worth my bothering-- Im never going to
get what I want in the wonderful world of boys!!!