2001-12-03 19:59:39 (UTC)

Shitty Day *again*

Today was not a good day.

First the power went out in the middle of the night, and I
was late getting up, like usually. Note to self kill the
beaver!(inside joke).

Then, something happened by the road that leads to Stark,
and I had to backtrack about 20 minutes to even get to the
school. So, I missed my oral presentation that was due
today. I am SOOO going to fail my Networking class.*sigh*

But on a brighter note, I finally broke down and bought a
playstation 2. WOO HOO!!!!! And, I don't even have to pay
for it; Mom said she'd pay me back, and it can be my xmas

Bad Note;

Last weekend, I lost my drivers license.*Smacks self on
forehead* I went to the BMV to get a new one. First I had
to wait about 45 minutes, then when I get up there, the
women was a complete psycho bitch, and wouldn't help me
because I didn't have my Social Security card.

So, I came home to get it, and guess what!It was no where
to be found. Ok, spent about 2 hours looking for it to no
avail. I had just given up when, by complete accident, I
found it AND $20!!!!!( In case you were curious, it was in
an old purse I haven't used in years, but I'm going to use
it for the rest of my live because I firmly believe it is a

So, the moral of this story: Life has it's ups and downs,
but the downs are WAY more frequent!

See ya