Little Bird

Private Babbling
2001-12-03 19:45:16 (UTC)

Weekend...Thank Goodness!

Right now I am doing a very tedious and boring job here at
work. I want to scream! I can’t concentrate at all!

Here is a letter I wrote to H/H. It explains my foul mood
this weekend. After the letter I will include details about
the ride I had on Comet.

Sorry for blowing you guys off. I didn’t mean it, really!

Friday I just crashed and burned. I didn’t want to go out
Thursday night and now I know it was a big mistake. I think
I’m going to have to stick with the frog in Iowa. At least
I don’t have to deal with him all the time and since he’s a
horse trainer he knows the life style. He won’t get pissy
if I tell him I’m going to work my horse or whatever.
I think part of my problem was the posting on the stupid BB
about the starving Arabians and ‘Horseman’ went on and on
about how no one even wants an Arabian blah blah blah!!
That, to me, is not a true horseman! To think, I actually
liked his posts…until he told someone that their horse was
attacking the milk jugs in the stall because they annoyed
him! GOD! People are so stupid!

I still want to go to the Mexican place so let’s plan it
for this weekend…?

I will be out at the barn tonight. I don’t have any other
plans and I’m not overly tired or anything like that.

Charlie and I had a talk yesterday. I almost started crazy
laughing but I thought it’d be best to just smile and nod.
He was pissed because Donna had asked me about the cribbing
strap. She originally asked me 2 weeks ago or whatever,
when we went on that ride with Vicky. That’s when I told
her that cribbers need muzzles, not some strap around their
throat. When we were there the other night, after the
colic, he put a strap on Dodger and Donna asked me if I
would check it so I did. It was fine but I told her again
that the muzzle is the best way to go. (Heather backed me
up on that.)
So, yesterday Charlie and Chris were there and he had me
backed into my stall. He told me that he had heard what I
said about the cribbing strap and I need to keep my mouth
shut because he knows what he’s doing around there and what
he says goes. He is in charge of all the horses and his
decision is final!
He also said that I need to stop talking to ‘the boarders’.
No one asked my opinion and no one wants my advice. He is
the boss. I told him that Donna asked me for answers and I
gave them to her but he insisted that she didn’t. It was
like talking to a 4-year-old! He is such an ass! (The
cribbing strap keeps sliding around on the horse’s neck and
I might be a jerk for saying this but I will not fix it. I
feel like the only way things will change around there is
if someone gets hurt. If it’s not us or one of our horses,
I won’t even blink an eye.) If Charlie cared so much about
the horses their blankets, cribbing straps, buckets and
other crap wouldn’t be broken and/or hanging off them and
they wouldn’t be getting fed their breakfast at 12 noon!
Other points of his ranting were that HE should be charging
me more for my board because I have a stallion AND if I
continue to talk to the boarders I had better start packing
up my things and find a new place to ride. Also, he doesn’t
like the way my children act when I’m there. I ‘have no
control over them’.

I brought all of this up to Pam and she was taken aback at
first and then proceeded to tell me everything my kids have
done wrong from day one. She was understanding ‘kids will
be kids’ and I told her that if she sees them doing
something wrong she needs to tell me, call me on the cell
phone or something! I will make them behave if I know they
are being bad.
THEN she had the nerve to tell me that Amber pushed Curtis
out of the hayloft the other night when the little dork
fell into the isle. He was hurt pretty bad but Amber was
already down the ladder. Of course, Jimmy was the one who
came up with that story!

I took my horse to Lakewood FP to ride for 3 hours. It was
a lot of fun….almost rode up to Sunnyday to see if they are
taking boarders but I took a deep breath and rode it out so
to speak. I don’t know if I can take many more slanderous
remarks on my kids. The Charlie challenge is one thing, he
doesn’t own the place, me or my horse but when people start
talking shit about my kids…hell hath no furry! Pam is
fugged in the head!!!
Oh, I ran into Ranger Carol by the trailed parking and we
chatted for a while…it was interesting.

Okay, that’s the story of my weekend. Hope you guys are
still alive. Hope to talk to you soon!


Yesterday I took Comet out to the Lakewood forest preserve.
It’s a 2 and a half-mile ride from the stable he lives at
right now. I have to admit it was a beautiful day! When I
got on Comet wanted to buck and prance all the way out the
yard. I usually lunge him before I ride but I didn’t want
to waste any more of the day or get him even more worked
up. An interesting thing I learned recently from Jody
Strand is that I can ride as fast as Comet can go! The
bucking, eh, he’s not really trying to get me off so that’s
not a major problem either because I know him so well. (I
swear, in a different life he coulda been a bronc! lol)
We managed to get out of the yard and headed towards the
FP. There are a couple really big cornfields, a major
highway and some houses between the FP and the barn, over
all; it’s a safe ride. They just recently took the corn
plants down and put up signs for the snowmobiles so it was
like having a trail built just for us.
He was still in the mood to prance so I let him canter the
length of the cornfields. I think the distance is about a
mile. He didn’t take off in a blaze, he was very controlled
and our shadow looked awesome. His tail was up, his neck
was arched, and his legs came up so high. He reminded me of
a horse in costume class. He even kept his form and
composure as we ran past a few sleeping deer that jumped up
in fright.

I want to mention too that I’ve ridden this field a few
times before and I took notes on where the holes and such
are. I would never just gallop across a field that I didn’t

We made it past the scary snow fence and to my surprise,
Comet waited very patiently when we reached the Hwy. It was
a bit of a thrill to have people looking at us at the side
of the road. He and I watched the cars like they were wild
animals ready to jump on us. Finally, when the light
changed we walked/pranced across the road into the haven of
the FP.

We passed the rangers station where a couple horses are
kept but shockingly Comet didn’t even notice them. I think
he was excited to be away from home and he wanted to know
where we were going.

Through the whole ride we came across different groups of
horses. It was sort of a peek-a-boo through the woods. When
he figured out that we were only out there to work and play
he got upset and whinnied every so often. He wanted to be
in a group, not alone. I didn’t have any trouble passing
people on the trail. He nickered but that was it. We had a
small group trailing us for a time. We were all trotting
pretty quickly and he seemed to like that, until they took
a different trail. Again, he started to whinny.

The whole trip lasted about 3 and a half-hours. He was a
little tired when we got back to the barn. We cantered
through the cornfield again but this time he only made it
half way. He was running out of steam. That is, until I
took out my water bottle that still had ice in it. lol He
thought I was using the shaker bottle. His ears went up and
he started to side pass away from the noise. Once he
figured out it was time to relax he was fine. He continued
the walk back to the barn with his head down and feet

It was such a great day!


I also wanted to say that I was talking to a great Sir but
I don’t know if it will work out. I am getting cold feet
because he keeps talking about super short skirts. I think
I’m too fat for that. I know I should let him decide but
that brings me to my next point. I don’t think I have time
to give up my life to serve someone the way I would want. I
would miss out on too much of MY life.

I met a guy last Thursday, as mentioned in the above ^^^.
He is okay but I don’t think I’m going to hang out with him
much. He is so damned skinny! It made me sick to touch his
back and actually feel his bones. He is also really hyper
and I am too laid back for that non-sense. I hate being
asked every 5 minutes if I’m okay. Damn, I’m fine! Leave me

Oh well, that is me. I am fine alone, I really am. Even tho
I had a hectic weekend it was great. lol

Saturday night I took the kids to a Holiday Lights parade.
We had alot of fun. I've never been to a night parade
before. Oh, one disappointment was that we missed Wauconda
's brekfast with Santa. :( I'm looking for another town
that might have him there...wish me luck!