2001-12-03 18:59:57 (UTC)

i am a sleepy girl. i didnt..

i am a sleepy girl.
i didnt have to give my speech today and that was nice.
i am loving emily mad amounts right now.
and im hoping that she comes to see jen and i tonight.
i just want to hug her.
bob and mowie too...of course.
i need to go to work.
i do not want to.
i dont think that i ever want to.
not anymore.
its so difficult.
im sitting in my pajamas.
i think im in need of a new job.
very soon.
crazy. they drive me crazy.
all of them...
with the exception of jen.
who is fucking great.
and amazing and hot.
and i will see her tonight.
i love just talking to people.
thats my favorite thing to do.
just watching people
watching them think.
or choose not to think.

work now.
for me.