2001-12-03 18:19:06 (UTC)

getting pissed

I'm at work, thinking about my boyfriends past and getting
so pissed. He hooked up with two of my sorority sisters
(not when we were together). What an asshole. Had sex
with one of them. He's such a pig. What bitches they are
to even hook up with him. The one was even my friend.
Backstabbing bitches. And to think he was getting it on
with two of my sorority sisters and two of the girls from
the women's basketball team at my school. They were foul.
Oh I'm getting so upset over his stupid past. Will I ever
get over it? Why can't there be anyone who doesn't have a
past I have to worry about? I know there are people, it is
just my choice to see if I should dump my guy and find them.