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2001-12-03 18:09:05 (UTC)

Ok so Im having this..

Ok so Im having this conversation with somebody that I dont
know. I dont know the point of this other then I dont
really care what other people have to say. Its not even
that I dont care what they have to say, its just that I
dont care about their opinion about me. I used to care,
but I lost that part of me. I dont care anymore. I care
about people, so its not that im not caring at all. Hell
do any of you even understand what Im saying?

Anyway....thats all I really had to say at the moment. I
wanted to write this long ass thing about what I was
thinking and everything, but i forgot.

Im worried about Andrew and his surgery, thats this week.
I love him and hope everything goes alright. I do love you
baby lots


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