Squeeb's world
2001-12-03 17:11:18 (UTC)

Team Cohesion and Impeachment

The other day in sports' psych we were talking about
cohesion- meaning that the team gets along etc, etc... Well
I have a word to spout out about my Petes. I've seen some
pretty cohesive teams in years past but this one- einh!
Refer to my previous issue about certain players not going
back and congratulating the goalie. Ok, yes maybe the
goalie did something to piss them off- I don't know- who
knows except them. But still they could have been the bigger
men and congratulated him on his shut out regardless- and
when they scored. Now my S has sometimes been called selfish
and ignorant and even HE always went back to the goalie-
even the year we had the ass of the goalie that no one, let
alone him, could stand. Now that's a big man- but at least
he was doing his duty as captain and setting a model for his
teammates. Now 3 of the players in question are the captain
and 2 of his 3 assistants. What's that to say for modelling
and team cohesion? I'm reading too much psychology into this
I know but still... I don't think they're being too mature-
not for the leadership they're supposed to possess as
captains of the team. I'm still appalled and they have
dropped substantially on my like-list. I demand an
impeachment. Make Kurtis captain and hmmm... Armstrong,
Gagnon and someone else assistants. That'd learn them.
Smarten up! Sorry Tiff, I know you seem to think there's
nothing wrong with it but I chalk it up to immaturity and
insensitivity and there's no excuse for it. Maybe it's
because I'm hormonal and being a bitch but still... Anyhoo,
I need to research some more for my debate so I'm done
bitching and complaining.

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