2001-12-03 17:09:07 (UTC)


Background: I am a 24 year old woman who lives in the
city, has a boyfriend whom I've been dating for six months
(we dated for three years in college and took two years off
then got back together). I've been working at the same job
since I graduated from college, make no money and hate it,
although it is a very flexible job. If you read my
entries, you will see me ramble on and on, probably not
make much sense, just me trying to figure out my life.
I've been through sprouts of depression ever since my teens
so that will explain some of it. Other than my depression,
I maintain a fairly good life. I love my friends, family,
don't care for my roommates, my boyfriend is OK (tons on
that you'll hear I'm sure). I like to work-out, ski, go to
the theatre and shows, but I feel like I'm missing
something. I'm always searching.