Alice In Oz

Home? Where exactly is home?
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2001-12-03 17:08:34 (UTC)


so everything is going pretty good with Chance. We've been
hanging out quite a lot lately, cuddling, sleeping over and
even,! I am totally comfortable with him, he's
perfect basically, everybody tells us this! but my only
beef is, I don't think he wants something serious... I
do! I'm tired of sleeping with stupid men who just want to
get down, make love....(so to speak)... and on top of that,
even if he is serious, our relationship right now is based
on 11 pm meetings til 6 am... I don't have classes right
now but once I'm enrolled in courses in january, this won't
be able to happen anymore! :-( ... and he wants to go to
Cali in the spring, then in september, go to college in
another town that I have no intention on even visiting!
URG!...So I get the guy, but lose my mind! Beautiful, just
fucking beautiful!