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2001-12-03 16:18:52 (UTC)

Chipped Nail Polish

I haven't written in a while. When I say a while, I really
mean about a week, which is a while considering that
there have been times that I signed on and made four
different entries. Considering the fact that my world is
quickly turning upside down, I'm amazed I have time to
type up an entry at all. Work, school, work, diner, work,
school, work, errands, diner, work, school, etc. Day after
day. In between that there is moving out of my house,
taking all kinds of herbal meds, my wisdom teeth are
growing in, my eyes are blurry as hell and these two
factors combined give me horrible migraines, my best
friend is shacking up with the geek of all geeks from
high school, I'm trying to hold my relationship together
while my boyfriend complains that we never spend time
together, and I'm also trying to patch things up with
Shoemaker and Casey while simultaneously being
supportive for Alyssa and all her dramas, I'm planning a
bachelorette party and also getting fitted for my
bridesmaid's dress, trying to spend more time with
Corinne and her baby, my grandfather is on his
deathbed and I have yet to start Christmas shopping,
plus trying to raise my little sister in the absence of my
mother, plus making arrangements to go away to
school next year, plus getting all my homework and
papers and studying done, plus constantly defending
my soon-to-be stepdad against the evil forces of my
older sister and oldest younger sister....I think that
covers most of it...I'm sure i'll think of more.


So as it turns out, Alyssa slept with Casey the other
night...I mean literally slept with and also had sex with. I
knew this was going to happen, I knew she'd
devirginize him eventually, it was just a matter of time.
They've been on and off "I like you, I don't like you"
making each other miserable since the day they met,
but they never got together until the other night. I'm
dying because I can't tell anyone and it's SOO difficult
because everyone predicted this would happen.

I gouged a piece of my hand out with a rusty metal bar
the other day, I'm going to get tetanus and die. I almost
got tetanus another time when we went sledding and I
hopped the barbed wire fence and got a piece of rusty
wire sticking in my hand. I felt kinda weird for a couple
days, but that was probably just because I was waiting
for my jaw to lock up and it was all in my head. In the
words of Michael Hornburg, "Someday I hope to have a
glorious alibi to cover up the miserable failure of my life,
like a car crash or brain cancer (insert tetanus here). My
greatest anxiety is that it won't come soon enough."

Guess I'm off the hook.

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