Ninety Miles Apart From Each Other
2001-12-03 16:10:49 (UTC)

Honey Bear and Me

Dear Diary:
I miss my Honey-Bear. There must be away. There must be away. I want us to run away together and go far from the maddening crowds. One last effort for both of us to be happy and at peace.

I am sure he would like Alabama. It is much like Southern Illinois or SW Illinois where he lives in
Streator. I am sure my friends, Rodger, Mark, Dianne, and all would like him.

It is quiet. It does have a night life though.
It has night clubs, bars, lounges, and so forth.
Much more than Streator or even Ottawa does.

A chance for a new beginning. Sigh! Hurry up

Love, AmericanIrishRose
-Karissa Anne-