My Thoughts
2001-12-03 15:59:53 (UTC)

Today is Monday

Well well is 10:52 am and I got out of Biology
about an hour ago. Today is the last day of my first
semester of freshmen year in college. WOW, it has gone
really quickly. In two days I will have my first final exam
for Chemistry....NERVERACKING!!! But I talked to my dad and
he said that he knows that I work hard and that no matter
what a make on those finals, I have atleast tried. And boy
do I try...tomorrow is "reading day," what I assume is a
long standing tradition for some schools. The day is
designated for studying before the first day of finals.
Some people will probably sleep in late and use the day to
relax. I will wake up at a decent hour and study for
Chemistry. I want to make good grades. I know I should not
judge myself on the grades I get, but I do, and I always
have. It is important to me to be successful, so if others
think it is lame to study so much then let them. I want to
be a doctor and good grades are definitly a prerequisite.
Yep....tonight me and the roomies are all going to dinner
at California Dreaming..YUM YUM! I can't wait to go home
and return to what feels normal. Charleston still does not
feel "normal" to me. I like it here, but...recent changes
in my life make me want to return home more than ever
before. Any of you that know me well are probably falling
off your chairs, because I have always expressed my intent
to break out of SC. changes, and we'll just
see what happens. Anyways, I'm going to get some lunch from
the TO GO part of the is all I eat since
buffets give me the creeps. Later kids...