Fazzy's Memoires....
2001-12-03 15:56:50 (UTC)


I am so stressed lately it's unreal. Got a call this
morning from my credit card company. They want 50$ by the
end of this week to repay my credit card debt of about 800
$. Well... i dont even have 7$ in bank anymore. And not
having a job i dont see how i'd come up with 50$. Might
have to borrow from my father or something.

I hate life at this moment... nothing is working out for
me. I feel, useless and lonely. My education feels like a
waste of time and cant land a simple job like working for
minimum wage at a McDonald or something. *suuuuckks*

But i'm really happy for Christy, cause she finally got
to meet her boyfriend. :) It must of been quite a suprise
when he showed up in the middle of the night Saturday. :)
This will make her hapy for some time heehe... i'm
sure.. :)

Well i got to go back to make a few more phone calls this
morning. 1 of them is tooo call my previous employer and
give him some sdlfkjsdflj cause he didnt get my Work Record
done yet. and i need that to get a damned check from
welfare. He is sooo lazy.. *sigh*

Take care all,