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2001-12-03 15:30:12 (UTC)

"What are We?" "BEEF!"

Friday night was our "Girl's Night," so Kat and I met Jess, Robin,
and Steph at Get-A-Pet and then we went to Bickford's. I can't
believe we didn't get kicked out of there... or should I say, me. I
was in a wierdly goofy mood that night... I started drinking creamer
through a straw, and then Steph and I began going shot for shot. I
played ring-toss on a ketchup bottle with Steph's onion rings, made a
special drink consisting of salt, water, strawberry jam, creamer and
pickle juice. Steph drank some, and the look on her face was
priceless. Somehow she and I also ended up with little empty creamer
containers suction-cupped to our foreheads, which Robin got a picture
I happened to spy handcuffs in Steph's purse, so I took them out
and decided, being the smart one I am, to hook them onto my right
The next picture Robin took was of Steph digging at my wrist with a
fork, trying to get the handcuff to unlock. Oh man, that didn't feel
good either.
After playing with the handcuffs, we decided to leave before the
could kick us out, and as I was getting up some old guy who had been
sitting behind me, Steph and Robin came over and asked me if he could
borrow the hundcuffs for the night.
*Blink* uh....
After Bickford's, Kat and I parted ways with the other girls, who
were going to Portsmouth to watch the parade and then to Robin's
Kat and I came back to my place, where Mike happened to show up and
we left to get Jon. We went to Buster's, where Jacob met up with us,
and after a few games of billiards we adjourned to- you guessed it-
my place for- you guessed it again- a movie.
We watched Clerks, both Jacob and Kat leaving early and then Mike and
Jon heading out around one am. I talked online for awhile with Bob,
who was over Robin's house and who I will be seeing on Saturday
(hooray!) Around four, I finally called it a night.

Yesterday Kat skipped work and came over here so her
parent's wouldn't know. We sat around bored for quite
awhile (What else are Sundays for? GRRRRR they suck) and
took online IQ tests, talked about movies, etc. Then before
dinner was ready, we were on the porch smoking and
discussing different stages in relationships. We'd been
pondering over what you call the stage when you know that
there is a mutual like and that you'll go steady
eventually, but you aren't yet. I told Kat that usually
when that happens I get tired of the medium and just
ask, "All right, what are we?"
My mom chose this precise moment to open the door, pop her
head out, proudly procalim, "Beef!" and shut the door.

Kat and I just kind of looked at each other for a moment,
blinked, and then practically began screaming laughter. I
don't remember the last time I laughed that hard- I had
tears in my eyes and my stomach started to hurt. Every time
we began to calm down, I would crack a joke about it; "Hey
Mom, how long did you and Dad beef before you got
engaged?" "Hey, what base have you made it to?" "BEEF!"
etc, etc.
We finished our cigarettes and went inside, peeking into
the kitchen before hanging up our jackets, and we
simultaineously started laughing again at the steak sitting
on the table. I don't think dead cow has ever been that
funny before- except when rubbing it on Steph's face, of
After I ate, we went to Bickford's to "Bug Picard." We
were there for a good two and half hours or so, both of us
downing about 4 1/2 cups of coffee. (I love free refills)By
the 2nd cup for each of us, we were wired as hell, so we
started playing table hockey with creamers for whackey
thingies and a nickel as a puck, coloring frenchfries and
table mats, trying to flip little jelly packets into each
other's coffee cups, and i made a pretty little work of art
with creamers, frenchfries, jelly packets, and sugar bags.
Which fell down.
We stayed there to wait to hear from the guys, who were
playing D&D over Norty's house, until we ran out of
cigarettes. Then we left for fear of setroying Bickford's
in a nicfit, and went to Mobil to get cancersticks.
Where Kat's car abruptly died.
We did, however, get it to start again, which happened
right after Kat, for some reason or another, yelled "Be the
beef!" at it, or something like that.
That was fun-filled night. Kat totally fucking rules.

After we returned, I saw I had a message from Noah that
said it was urgent, so I called him over his friend John's
house and he said he'd had a bad day. So I offered to go
get him, and we promptly hopped back in the Kittymobile and
retrieved him. Kat dropped us off and went to Mike's house,
and after sleep and a brownie here I sit.
I'm going in later today to talk to my sister's friend
Scott about that job at JSR, which from the sounds of what
he said to me, I already have. Wish me luck anyway.
More work in a screen- printing facotry. *shudder* I just
hope it's not as Our- Employees- Are- Like- Negroes- Pre-
Civil- War as The Blue Dolphin.

Music: This is How You Remind Me by Nickelback