My life as Trick
2001-12-03 13:40:08 (UTC)

What am I looking for? Part 2

just tell me alittle about what you are looking for

Yesterday, I wrote that "No scarier words have ever been

After a good night's sleep... I'm still inclined to believe

I sent an email to a guy that I found interesting, and sent
him some information about me... and he sent me back those
words. Those simple, yet inexplicably painful words.

What am I looking for?

I don't know. Something different, I guess. Something so
out of the "normal" for me, that it gives me a clean break
to start from... But, at the same time, a chance to
experience something that I never would elsewhere, or

Do I want a friend?
Or a lover?
Or something in-between?
Or both?
Something that takes off slow, and then turns into

I don't know what I'm definately looking for... but I'm

...and that's more than I've been willing to admit for
quite some time.