Germany and Beyond
2001-12-03 11:52:48 (UTC)

Monday, bloody mondy

Well, it is the last monday for the fall semester, and I
could not be happier. Nothing like getting up at 6am to
finish a paper for class.

Yesterday was the anniversary. Gator and I went
to "Gratzi" in Ann Arbor and ate a fancy dinner. One word
of caution about fancy dinners: there's not much there. Don
't expect to be filled if you are hungry. No siree bob.
Gator ordered shrimp and got a fancy triangular plate with
4 shrimp. 4 Shrimp! But, I guess you pay for the
atmosphere. We then went down to the "Cigar lounge" of the
resteraunt which was really neat and drank coffee.
Afterwards, we strolled down the boulevard of Ann Arbor and
looked at the Christmas lights. It was a fun night.
Afterwards we rented a couple of movies and came back and
watched them. A very relaxing day.

You know, people say that I should be having the time of my
life right now. Why can't I see that? I guess it is where
the word "retrospect" came about. The rest of life is such
a dive, this is just gravy. Oh well, not much to complain
about. I am happy and spoiled, I suppose when you compare
it to what others have, or don't have.

You know, I hate dorm rooms. If you happen to drop a shirt
in the middle of the room, the room is suddenly a mess
because the rooms are so small. I constantly feel like I
am living in a pig stye. Guess I just break out the dust
rag and hoover.