Same Drug
2001-12-03 11:28:03 (UTC)

in detail

in detail this is kinda wot happened with me and andy on
saturday nite:

well as you kno the love of my life cheated on me. so i ws
like thats it, over. i saw him on saturday and i
reeeeeaaaaaaaaaaly wanted to get back with him, we sat and
spoke and he said he felt sooo akward and stupid and he was
an asshole for leaving me ect, but he couldnt get back with
me coz he just felt so guilty round me ect, i really wanted
to get back with him and i thought we would. i left it a
while (this was all during the support for the alkaline
trio gig) and i was fed up waiting so i walked up to him
and said so do you want to get back with me yes or no? and
he didnt answer for a while so i said i take thats a no,
and i began to walk away, and he kinda shouted NO and
pulled me back and we kissed and he shouted "and i DO love
you..." (coz i told him he didnt) and then he started sayin
how sorry he was and started crying on my shoulder.... then
it was all great and fine, and alkaline trio played and
they where totally awesome, it was the best gig in a long
time and i even crowd surfed for the 1st time in ages!

(i wrote this as an email to emmy to let her know how
things ar goin, and i just copied and pasted)