after bar
2001-12-03 09:38:50 (UTC)


we’re using big words
in office voices to combat
the awkwardness of having
slept with a coworker

polysyllabic words to dull seduction
-- that i watched you roll those sleeves,
denounce breakfast
hurridly brush your teeth
toothpaste cresting,
erupting from your mouth.
boxers an afterthought.

two pounds of bras,
jeans and sweaters
tossed beside the bed.
my head throbbed with morning.
last night’s celebration of nothing
more than the precede to fruition --
the finally of everything
post ceding the blur of your khakis --

``blah blah efficiently
blah blah blah tentatively’’
you explain from your office
and when i say the word ``bureau’’ --
to describe a small office
in a chicago kitchen,
one man typing, filing,
answering his own phone
cat screetching across a fax on a table --

you finally crack at the facade

and then there we are again, laughing
and there we are lusty teenagers
racing away from a bar we closed
racing past a cubicle to your bed.