Life as I know it.
2001-12-03 08:58:16 (UTC)

far away coast

Ok Matt and I are back on our usual downward sprial but i
think this is the final straw that I can take. He thinks i
have a drug issue and cant be with me, no he does want to
be with me but cant be with me. I dont know we're talking
more on tuesday about this. Im just lonely and i cant take
this anymore, i just wanna fall in love. Big Time. I dont
even wanna date anymore, i wanna insta-relationship just
add water you know? yeah im realistic and it wont happen.
Im just sick of dating and meeting boys and being
disappointed. I tried to hint to michael that i wouldnt
mind dating him but he is dense. Alan listened to me cry
about this earlier and i feel bad cuse he is a great boy
and has been single for longer than i have been. Mike i
think is hinting that he likes me but i really dont feel
that way towards him like kissing him would make me sick
cause he is like a brother to me. I just need to meet a
new guy out there, maybe tomrrow while im in the stats
lab. Cause you kknow i like nerdy boys. OH and thursday
im done with school FOREVER. Graduation is a good thing.