Kittys thoughts
2001-12-03 07:58:36 (UTC)

I cant stand this

Not much happened today.My dad decided to fight with my mom
again,now he thinks that me and my mom are planing
something aginst him,he is so parinoid its funny, he has
been taking the key board with him to work because he
thinks that we are looking at his personal stuff which we
arent because I dont care what he does online or off,oh and
this one day he took the whole comp tower...LoL...i think
its funny how we arent doing anything yet in his mind we
are, I wish that he would stop being an ass about
everything and just leave me alone, I am so sick and tired
of the stupid stuff he does and says,Some of it might be
little stuff but still hurts,I cant even stand to be around
him anymore or even hear his voice, its so iritating.I wish
that I can just get a job and move out of this house.And
because of my dad I am getting depressed and then I kinda
take it out on Gabe,I try my hardest not to but I cant help
it.Im just glad that Gabe understands what I am going
through and that he helps me,My dad makes me so mad,when he
needs Gabe to do something for him he has no problem with
him then as soon as he gets in a fight with my mom he hates
Gabe,My dad doesnt want me to be happy or anyone in this
family,he wants everyone to be as unhappy as he is.No one
needs that in there life exspecially Ashley and Randy they
should behaving fun,not sitting there listening to there
dad talk bad about there mom and me,and its sad because
they have no choice but to listen to it because he doesnt
care how they feel when he talks to them about stuff like
that.I hope mom gets full custody of them because they dont
need to grow up with all that negativity in there lifes
like I did and still do.Well I am going to go but I will
more than likely have more to write tomorrow about dad
because something has to happen every day,he makes sure of