skin tight bones
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2001-12-03 07:21:16 (UTC)

my life with ana

oh shit my life sucks! if you haven't already guessed i am
anorexic and i am damn proud of it!tommorow i will start my
first *real* long term goal wieght is 80 lbs . my
current goal wieght i 100 lbs. that mean i have 15 punds to do the math to figure out that i wiegh a huge
(gasp!)115 lbs while im only 5'2".i like other things too i
don't let anna control everthing in my life . i enjoy
drawing mangas or comics like spiderman or x-men(ya so what
if i like that stuff . i don't give a rats ass what u think)
and im damn good at drawing if i do say so my self. i play
the piano,sax(oh yes!),eletric guitar,trumpet and,::drum
roll:: drums!so i can obviously read music and play pretty
well too.i've been in gymnastics for 8 years and am good at
it (thanks to the fact that im short).i love to go on the
internet and chat with strangers who i know nothing about,
like most people.i love rock music! i can't stand pop ,
hip hop is okay i guess. im a big sports fan ,can't get
enough basketball,baseball,or football.(although i no good
at any of them ) the only sports im good at is gymnastics
and surfing .thats enough about me . more tommorow.

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