The Shadow of Myself
2001-12-03 06:04:14 (UTC)

just me being random again...

I love doing things for people. But I have this problem..
haha. Whenever I do it.. I find joy in their reaction.
I mean.. is that bad? I'm not sure. I just really enjoy
knowing that they appreciated what I did. Like.. if I told
them I love having them as a friend or that I've been
praying about them. I would like to know that that made
them smile. I mean I would smile if someone told me that.
I don't know.. I guess when someone doesn't react I feel
like they take it forgranted or they're just like.. ohhh
whatever.. I'm not really special. Or I don't like her..
who cares if that was nice. BUT.. I'm probably just stupid
and over-reacting... b/c I tend to do that... whatever..

I had a really different weekend. I went to Dayton
Friday. I got to go to 3 of my friends houses there.. it
was a lot of fun. We also went to this place that was
covered in lights. I was amazing.. sooo pretty. It also
had a lot of potential to be really really romatic. Too
bad I have nobody to be romatic with.. haha. So I was gone
there from like 6 until probably almost 2 in the morning.
I went with Becca, Kristi, Laurel, Melinda, Mikey, Mark,
Dan, Scottie, Kris, and Jason. We all got to talk with
each other a lot. We had some good conversations.. and a
lot of laughs... whew.

So then, Saturday afternoon I went home to be with my best
friend... b/c her grandpa died. So I went to his showing
at the funeral to sit with her. It was cute b/c she didn't
think I was going to be able to come.. so I worked it out
and got there to suprise her. I stayed with her for the
whole time.. and we just talked. That was nice to be able
to sit with her. Then I brought her home with me so she
could re-meet Melinda and Laurel. We all just sat around
and ate some food.. and then we watched some of the Wizard
of Oz.. whoo.. yeah favorite movie! :)

Then this morning mom fixed us this huge breakfast. It was
sooo nice to get fat at home.. haha. After that we all got
ready. Mel and Laurel saw Dad's motorcycle and they were
all do you think he would give us a ride?? and I was like
he totally would love that. So we asked dad and he was
really excited. It was cute. Then he all went and got a
leather jacket and black gloves for them to wear. I took
pictures of them on it.. it was soooo funny! Then we left
this afternoon and came back here.... to good ol' Oxford...
whoo yeah.

I like some guys. So what's new? haha Well some of them
are semi-new.... some... well not so new. You know what I
wish I could do.... combine all the qualities I'm like in
love with of each of the guys I like.. and put them all
into one superguy... that would be good times. But I can't
do that.. so maybe I'll just like them all until one of
them likes me back enough to ask me out.. and then we fall
in love.. and get married. Really I think that sounds like
an excellent plan myself.. soo... we'll see how things go...

Life is good times...