Wingless Ramblings
2001-12-03 06:01:25 (UTC)


My life has returned to some form of normalacy, I at least
feel like going out and talking to people and not just
hibernating in my room. It's good to feel good again,
however temporary this may be.

I went out for coffee yesterday with my uncle D., who was
out here from Minnesota because his mom is in an elder
hostal (I think that's what they're called), so he comes out
to visit her. His sister (not related to me) lives out here
too, and she came to coffee with us. She turned out to not
be your typical 50-something woman, she seemed to be super
cool and really easy to talk to, which I find to be a rare
thing these days. I'm really glad I met her, because she's
going to be a really good person to know, considering I've
got no relatives living within about 1500 miles of me.

So anyway, I can listen to my salsa music and feel happy,
not just miss Ecuador like crazy. I miss A. like you
wouldn't believe, but I don't think that'll ever go away. I
mean it's been almost two years since I really spent any
quality time with him, and I still think of him every day.
There's this guy at school here who looks so similar to A.
that every time I see him I do a double-take, and kind of
feel this pang in my heart of missing him. That dumbbutt,
he hasn't once written me since he got to Norway, he might
have even gone home to Ecuador by now. Who knows, I don't
know if D. knows, either. I should ask him. I miss both of