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2001-12-03 05:55:06 (UTC)

kiss dating goodbye


i am officially on holidays but i dont have much spare time
this week, you see i start dancing tomorrow. im not going
to explain last nights mood because im over it though i
will summarise camp for you in order to be able to explain
todays happenings.

ok well in short the topic of the weekend was "kiss dating
goodbye" it wasnt called that but it was basically it
(after a book by joshua harris) they revolved thier talks
around the fact that you shouldnt be dating until you are
thinking about marriage because as a christian the purpose
of as loving relationship is marriage.... i know its a
disagreeable subject and straight off i disagreed with it.
they argued that dating holds you back from what god wants
you to be doing, and it results in to much emotional
distress. the debate between me and b skelton went on for
ages as a result of mine and joe's current thing at the
time. we agreed to disagree but when i went away to think
about it my little holy spirit started nibbling at me...

when i got back sunday em and joe had a chat and went to
see a movie, everything was all good but when we got to
church it was really uncomfortable and weird, it felt like
i was doing something wrong even though it shouldnt have.
that got me a bit down because i dident want to hurt joe
and like i said i wont explain the rest its trivial like

but anyway i was antisocial and came home after the rest
went out to surfers. this morning i rang joe and he was
thinking about everything i siad to him and we broke up
from mutual agreement, its kinda what i wanted to happen,
he feels like the decision was in his hands so he cant feel
hurt, when really i kinda persuaded him towards it, but he
doesnt know that so shhh... ah my cunning lil skilss *grins
mischeviously* i still love joe but there is nothing i want
from him that i cant get from friendship and now i have the
grand task of telling belinda she was right! she is such a
good leader.. and maybe it would be wise for me to just
kiss dating goodbye, it is such a waste of time, and you
give a little piece of you to every person you date, so
when you get married you wont be able to commit fully to
that person because they wont have all of you... anyway
enough random rambling

well anyway i got fight club from the library yesterday and
have just started reading it, and i must say i do like. i
think i want my own copy... but i will wait until the end.
it has all the criteria of my idea of a good book... well i
gotta go, belinda will be here soon to pick me up... have a
nice day, wish me luck with dance!


look up to the stars and your gone- fight club

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