ambiant pisces
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2001-12-03 05:34:34 (UTC)

darn history

oh this is so redundent and i know that everybody knows
this already. but i really do believe in a slavery system.
survival of the fittest and darwinism. only the strong
survive and let go of the weak. tell me that you want to
live in a world with scum bags and people who aren't able
to take care of themselves, where they want to be dependent
on someone else because they're too lazy to do their own
work. i'm not trying to put down the man at the end of the
street for begging money, except maybe i don't know his
circumstances but i believe that he should do something
more productive out of his time instead of holding a sign
and hoping for some sympathy. it's incredibly irksome to
see that and i believe the mass population agrees. i do,
however, accept the rare cases for people who actually
tried, but fate has it that they'll never succeed. in these
cases i'm more than happy to spread my arms and aid them in
their needs. it's the conception and spirit of will that
counts, and surely not sympathy or pity. darn...talking
about surviving, i should finish my college essay before i
die (my life depends on it). ciao bub.

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