even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-12-03 05:18:40 (UTC)

im having trouble feeling sad

so, we slept until noon, when kelly called, and needed a
ride home form the mall, and we were gonna go get her, but
no car, so we sit around, and call sam and ask him to, on
the way here, stop buy and get kelly... an dhe does, so
they show up, and its cool, kelly is tired, and joslein and
sam are in the champagne room, and i look for cars in the
classifieds, actually, kelyl and i talked too.. about.. he
dad, and jason and stuff, and it was good too, i mean, it
was bad, but good... so then aum calls, and hes gonna come
over, and we're gonna go eat lunch, but.. he doesn;t for a
little while, so look for more cars, and then i come and
type a little and aum comes, he fun, we talk, and hten we
go and get sam and joslein up , and sam leaves, and we get
ready to go to lunch, joslein and aum and i, and we go and
we talk at lunch too... aum is a buddhist... i had no
idea... so we go to heb and get icecream and its tastey,
and its really fun to hang out with aum.. i want to get to
knwo him better.. so then we come back, and he calls
candice, and he tells her hell be ther in a a little bit,
and then joselin rubs his back, pooor aum, h over exerts
himself, and we talk, and we end up talkig about how ive
never had a boy friend, and its.. i dont know, aum was
like, i just dont; see why YOU'VE never had a boy friend..
and then we talked abotu possbilites, like, lee... and
paul, and josellin says klinger, but...? and its like,
blah, i dont; know... and then aum asks about mike, and i
wanted to be like, i think abotu miek alot, but i dontl
think tis like that... btu i didn't... and then aum was
lke, i wish i had a girl like you, and it was really
sweet.. i made me feel good, hell, it still makes me feel
good, its nice to hear that... so then aum left, and we
didnt immediatly get up to walk him out and he was like,
hugs?! it was cute, so then.. maybe its me and joselin for
a while, and sam comes over? and we watch willow... and
then, its now, it hink.. im really tired, so ti hink im
goign to sleep...

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