2001-12-03 05:17:46 (UTC)


Did y'all miss me? Haha, I bet you did, didn't you
Rachey? So what did I do today, don't you all want to
know? Well let's see I worked on some Christmas stuff, of
course I'm still not quite done. I talked to Elizabeth a
lot which was nice because considering we live in the same
room we really don't talk much, it's silly. Elizabeth,
Meggan and I went to a leadership/teambuilding thing from 1-
5. It actually ended up being a lot of fun. For those of
you who were in student council with me, it was basicly
like when we went to that one camp in Napolean:) We did
the whole get all the people over the 12 ft. wall. Then we
tried to fit on a a lil box thing. After that we did
climbed the wall, indoor, but with a lil twist:) We were
like attached to a person and one of the people was blind
folded!!! IT was so much fun, it was awesome:) After that
fun filled adventure of sore arms and legs we came back and
had some wonderful dining room dinner. Then I made some
after dinner phone calls, it was nice to talk to Melissa
B. Sometimes you just need a certain friend, ya know?
Anyhow at 9:00 I met John for coffee and that was nice.
Afterwards I went over and talked to Rachel, I miss talking
to her whenever I want:( It was good to get a chance to
have her to myself, hehehe, I love you Ashley but you were
sleepy!!!!!! Now I'm back in my oh so fun dorm room
avoiding homework once again, hopeing to get my girlies
from home together the weekend after exams!!!!! Okay I'm