Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
2001-12-03 04:42:50 (UTC)

Into the Abyss...

I often find myself being swallowed,
Engulfed by the abyss of my mind.
The voice inside says I'm not good enough--
Not good enough to remain on this earth--
Not good enough to still be alive.
I listen, it seems so honest, so god-like,
And I accept every word to be true.
My wrists are sliced, but I'm still alive.
My wounds heal, but I just rupture them
I rupture my veins again-- It's rapture.
It's torture. It's heaven. It's pain upon pain,
It just seems to make the first pain diminish,
And then disappear completely... Into the abyss.
So I do it again and again-- It makes me happy.