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2001-12-03 04:36:13 (UTC)


warmth 12/1/2001
My cup of almond sunset tea is beautifully warming as I
drink and write this entry. I am very tired today. It seems
to have been such a long day. I woke and my sister called
me from Greyfriar’s to see if I wanted coffee. I, of course
wanted my cup of caffeine for the day and asked her to
bring me a raspberry mocha. She came over and after our
coffee, I took a bath and headed to Kmart. While there, I
bought a hair straightening iron and some straightening
serum. I am getting my hair cut next week and want to be
able to wear it naturally curly and straight when I get the
urge. I tried the straightening iron out and it worked
great! It has been years since I have seen my hair
straight, so I thought it was time for a bit of a change. I
also bought some little hair clips and some household
necessities. After that, I realized that it is truly
nearing Christmas, because the line to the register was
around a twenty minute wait.
I had always assumed that people were a bit more friendly
to pregnant women and allowed them to at least get ahead in
the line a bit, but no. As a matter of fact, two days ago I
was at the store and a man looked at me and broke in line
in front of me!! I couldn’t believe it!! He got ahead of me
and then looked back with a smug grin on his face. Oh well,
so much for a majority of considerate people.

It is beautiful in the house today. The tree and mantle
lights are lit and all else is dark. I enjoy just sitting
down on the couch and enjoying the soft glow of the
Christmas lights. Right now I am listening to Madame
Butterfly again while writing. I find that the CD comforts
me greatly and puts me in a very comfortable state of mind.

I feel such a need to write an entry about where I am at in
my life and how I got to this point so that I can reflect
in a way, and also show others why it is that I feel the
need to pour out my feelings here. So, I will devote the
next entry to beginning that task.