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2001-12-03 04:28:20 (UTC)

A First and a Three Hundredth

This is my first real entry within this diary. I kept a
diary before, but sadly had to delete it because someone
who knew me had discovered it. I find it so very difficult
to begin a new one. The other was so established and
contained a record of my life for the past year. Now, I
feel as if I have come near the end of a hundred mile trail
only to have someone tell me that it is closed and I must
turn around and make the journey back.
I realize how dreary that sounds, but my other diary was
such a strong part of me and I felt as if it has been
ripped away. I feel as if there was a huge invasion of my
creative privacy. But, as with all things, I must move on
and move forward as positively as possible.

So, within my next entry I will tell of my experiences and
how they have lead me to where I am now. It is a positive

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