Reality Bites
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2001-12-03 04:26:25 (UTC)

Hot boys in wierd places!

Ok so Friday I didn't get up til like 12 then I watched
90210,went to the gym, took a shower, then Carli called and
was really upset so I walked to the store and got her some
shit like magazines and chochlate and then went to her
house. It took me like 30 min to get her back in a good
mood then we went out to dinner. That was fun. We rented
movies and chilled the rest of the night. Sat. I cleaned
house and then went to church.I went with my mom, and I met
Alyss there and then she was gonna sleep over. So I was
walking up to meet her cause her family sat in the front
and I saw *HOT CHURCH GUY* aka. Josh. ..He usually leaves w/ his fam. right
after communion, but not yesterday! hehe. When my mom was
done talking to my friends mom who we saw there, his mom
went up and they started chatting, then Josh was standing
there and kept glancing at me, and so I told Johnny I'd
talk to him later & I walked over. He smiled SO big and we
talked for like 15 min. Alyssa was like laughing at us
cause we were so nervous!! hehe. He's SOOO CUTE!! he said
how good it was to see me and that he'd talk to me later,&
give me a call..but he said it as a question..I was like
YEA! that'd be great!! talk to you later...never thought
I'd meet a hot guy @ church lol