Absolute Mayhem
2001-12-03 04:18:23 (UTC)

sneaky devil me :-) i spent the whole day on the fone with
adam..from a lil after 2...till...9:40. lol. it was quite
wonderful. i got part of his bday present. its this kick
ass huge soft stuffed pink pig from KB toys and then im
gonna get him the creed CD and a card too, before
wednesday. and now tomorrow....he's coming to my house
after school, jeremy will drop him off, and we'll have the
WHOLE house to OURSELVES until like 4:30. when my parents
get home. :-D that will be fun. and then he's gonna jog the
6 miles home to his house, cuz his parents were tell'n him
how he shud keep in condition and be running for at least
an hour :-) its all good. hes such a gosh
darn QT. god i love him. lol. i'd be so lost with out him
as a friend and boyfriend. ya know, i have to thank the
bitches at Blessed sacrament, though i knever thought id e
saything that...but if it werent for them annoyin the shit
out of me in gradeschool..i never would have switched to St
Pat's in washington, and never would have met adam. he
never would have become my best friend and i never would
have gone to notre dame, and i would have never have gone
out with him like i am now :-). i know...ur prob like omg,
how chummy, but ya sooo grateful for all he's
done for me. well im out for the nite, luv, jess