a little piece of me
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2001-12-03 04:00:14 (UTC)


well, i watched the x-files again tonight. much better
than all that government conspiracy stuff that they have
been dealing with lately. i mean, i like that and all, but
enough's enough, right? i would like to gripe, though,
because they're not being very original. tonight was
something or other about the devil. they've had similar
episodes. and next week is about a guy that can
disappear. they've done many episodes like that. i like
the weirder episodes...not necessarily ufo's, but more
along the lines of monsters and psychic stuff, things like

fucking hell, i'm bored. i should be studying and what
not, but i'm so tired of doing that. i spent about an hour
making notecards for my entomology lab exam. tues i have
parasitology. ugh. that's going to kill me. the cramming
begins tomorrow afternoon, hehehe. wish heather and brett
would get on. i don't know how late i can stay up,
though. only had a few hours of sleep last night.

ok, i'm getting worse by the minute, so i'm leaving.