ptys dream journal
2001-12-03 03:44:47 (UTC)

Dream last night

Ok i had this really wierd dream....

this guy that is in class with me and our whole entire
class is with us and we are jumping out of an airplane.
Supposedly I have done this before so i was to help some
people out of the plane...he comes over by me and says
that he cant do it...hes too afraid. I tell him to hink
of something else to get his mind off of it before he
jumps... he cant...So I kiss him on the cheek and shove
him out the door before jumping myself...The next thing I
know is that I am back at the hanger and everyone else,
like me is packing their parachute, and He had told this
other kid what i had done...SO i got teased by it a little
bit...and thats all i remember. :)