Emo Kid

Stuck and Trapped
2001-12-03 03:39:54 (UTC)

Finally 15

this passed friday i finally turned 15! i still feel the
same...over protected by my dad but its ok i guess, for
now. its not like im dying to go be a teenager...i rather
just kick back in my room listenin to music. but then again
sometimes i wanna go hang out and stuff and thats ok but i
dont know...sa-weet, its raining. i hope it doesnt rain
tomorrow because i wanna wear my new family values tour t-
shirt that my cousin pete got me for my birthday. if its
cold tomorrow, im gunna wear a black or white longsleeve
shirt underneath...but if its raining and super cold, i
guess i have to be smart and wear a jacket. this weekend
sucked, and was a long drag and waste of life and time.
yesterday i sat in my pajamas all day and messed around
online,then recorded jimmy eat world off mtv2...mtv sucks
but oh well. then today i did my homework and caught up on
my work. haha the man shows on, this stuffs funny!! adam
corolla is a genius...i cant believe girls dont like this.
im a girl and i find it funny. ah i needa study tomorrow
for my drivers ed class, i think im gunna fail the class.
theres 19 chapters and im barely chapter 7...fuck dude, and
i got like 20 days left. i needa hurry my ass up and try
and pass it. its the only way i can get out of this boring
valley...gRRR! i needa drive!! i hope we have thunder-
storms tonight. haha my older brothers gunna get in trouble
by my dad. they told him not to go somewhere, and he left
with my cuzzin to some record store, and my dad passed by
and its closed, so he lied, and they are callin my cuz's
cell, and nothing yet. hes gunna get busted. hes 20 and
lying. haha my dads gunna be pissed when he comes home.
dude, i think im gunna go and iron my clothes for tomorrow.
mom makes me and shes gunna get mad if i go to skool in
wrinkled clothes 2morrow....haha, good times.

~im out like a fat kid in dodgeball;bye~