abby c

wow... that sucks
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2001-12-03 03:38:10 (UTC)

bodies work so good... i coudl here myself workign iside before

i had along weekend... more about that later

right now i am still high and befor e coudl hear everyhtign
inside me working... liek al thesdee wierd sounds that
sounded like weird msuic was inside me workign my body and
it turned into a beat and then music has been goign through
my head and its mxing through techno.. some wei digitalized
techno music ios runnin ghtrough my head... its liek a miz
of that song dont speak by no doubt and gwens voice keeps
getting fatser and slower and its all computer-liek and
weirded out and then the musc goes crazy

i dontliek ebign high. i wish i wasn't cuz it makes me
thinka botu everythign and how i hate society and everyoen
in it and i ahte myseklf and i satr thinkign about weirded
out stuff like how stupid is is for us to eb here. and a
dawsn party i was thinkign about how stupid we all were
acting... well they all0- i was just sititng gthere
thinkign about it

so many pl were gettign on myerves..... life is better wehn
your not flipped on the wrong side...ahah i'm gonan use
that as a quote

ahh music in my head...... i wish i neve rhwo to mix this
and i would make it into the best sellign singel ever its
awesome... snd now soem other sng that goes "have you ever
questioned yuor life? have you- suttin suttin suttin....
blah blah oh tell me why- do we build castless sin the sky"
is mixing in

i am drinking chcolate milk

my dds home, hes upsatirs talkign to my mom

ahh get divorced. get divorced. get divorced. i enev used
to care whether they did or not but now its better when
they are sperated

my dad si gonan live in florida wi my uncle and eh is gonan
sart a business doen there and my mom is gnan work as-- i

i have nothign to wear tomorrow i hope i can fidn soemthing

no wait, i will just wear pajamas

my foot is asleep... ouchh i dont leik the way ti feels

g2g ed just got offline and hes the only reason i saty on

i liek this entree.