An inside look(AHHH)
2001-12-03 03:25:17 (UTC)

what weekend?

Hi everyone who reads this, i'm guessing it must be few and
far between b/c i get no feedback, but oh well, it gives me
piece of mind just typing my thoughts, so i guess its
kewl...So on to my non-existent weekend...Friday night was
a total loss, i went to one of my best friend's Bday
parties, he turned 18, i took along my other best friend
Amanda and her boyfriend Kevin, mistake number one...Kevin
did not have a good time at all, he thoroughly bored
himself to sleep, sorry about that Amanda...Well a plus of
that tragic evening is that i made some new friends, and
actually socialized like a normal person...Amanda and i had
fun so i guess all in all the net outcome was
positive...Saturday i was on to bigger and better things
like laying and watching movies off the dish and sleeping
until after noon...not to mention stuffing my face with
innumerable items of food...I think that day was definitely
a positive i got to be lazy which is good every now and
then, but i think i might be getting a bit chubby so i need
to liven up a bit...Sunday was even more fun than the
previous two days, i got to go to work at the wonderful
establishment of Sam's Pizza...I worked from 12-5 and got
some tips, did i mention i was a waitress at this joint? Oh
well, i am, sorry to leave you out...Work is good for me,
it provides time to think about nothing but what you are
doing right then and there, it keeps me very focused and
keeps my mind from wandering which is a very good
thing...When my mind wanders things tend to go sour, so its
better for me to have a one track mind...Well i think i am
done with this e-novel for right now, if i bored you im
terribly sorry, but if not then you are a very strong
person...Later ya'll