2001-12-03 03:23:24 (UTC)

Time to change...

Well, yesterday I looked in the mirror, got a little pissed
off with my look, so I changed it. Normally (last time I
cut it myself) it was on an angle. The larger end was
toward the front of my face, and the smaller, toward the
back. Now I shaved the back to about an inch so that I can
spike it. It didn't come out even so I tried to get my bro.
to fix it up. He was too lazy and left somewhere with his
friends. My mom did it. She thought it is better for me to
be looking like a freak, then a freak with a bad cut. Her
suggestion is to just cut my whole head on a half inch. I
say no. I don't really know how to spike my hair, but I
like the way it looks. I just gotta wake up early so that I
can braid the front of it. (I hope my folks won't mind me
going to school with braids. Normally they won't let me
go.) But I think it looks better with them then without.
Anyway, I finally talked to dude today, but he had to
go. He said he'll meet me online @9 but I don't see him and
it is already 9: 20. Maybe it's cause I was like 10 minutes
late. I don't know oh well.
Well I have 2 pages of a play that I'm writing for
theatre due tomorrow eight period, among with a French test
4th and a U.S Hist test 3rd. The worst part is that I'M NOT
PREPARED AT ALL. I didn't study crap. The bright side is
that it is not that hard, and I can easily write 4 pages of
a play. Especially in Physics (7th)

I guess I'll end it at this. Chow!