The Chronicles of My Life
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2001-12-03 03:21:24 (UTC)

What a terrible night. Earlier..

What a terrible night. Earlier this week we lost Adam
O'Brien to he B team, so we were down 1 defensman. On the
way to thegame in Eagan this afternoon Nate Espenson was in
a car accident and broke his hip. We can only pray nothing
else happened to him. He's out for the season, no
question. Now we're left with 2 defense, on our already
patheticly small team. The B team got O'Brien when Taylor
got hurt, but we didn't get another player because of those
jerks (i have a better word, but it's not appropriate) on
the Board. They probably won't give us a player now
either, cuz most of the people on the board hav kids on the
Peewee B team. Of course, that's who we would get a player
from, but they don't want THEIR team disrupted, so we're
screwed. I hate this. I'm going to bed.

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