2001-03-31 21:30:06 (UTC)

Yeah.... So three years I have..

So three years I have not really talked to her but things have
really changed now........

When I quit the job at tudor williams I decided to go to work
at a "Wilkinson" in Sutton this shop was really interesting it
was almost like a huge corner shop in the way that the shop
selled everything from Soap to spades for gardening....

There I worked as a warehouse suporvisor, the guy who lead
me on to this job was called Mark he was one of James B
friends who I really did not know until I worked with him at
Wilko's (this was the short way of saying wilkinson) Mark was
a quiet guy kept himself to himself and at first he really
seemed a bit dim... But later I realised thats the sort of
person he was and I realised that he had a really traumatic
experience when he was younger especially with both his
parents dieing in the space of a year I think that made him a
lot quiter, but nevertheless he was a cool guy. I went on
holiday with him in '98 where we went to Magaluf in Majorca
that was cool suprisingly on the holiday we met some friends
of his so we hung out with them as well.

Anyway I was at wilkinson and I met Mark I also met John
and Lisa and Laura there as well, they were quite interesting,
John was a guy I knew from school but I really had no ties
with him until I met him at Wilko's we played in a band
together for a while he was a bassist while I was the guitarist
We actually played in the company x'mas do later on that
year. He really liked Lisa which would become intereeting
later on.
Lisa was a girl studying art at college she wa working Wilko's
night shift to get more money for college, she was a really
average girl nothing special but nothing dull about her. She
was a really quiet person just as Mark was and she really
liked him. Her best friend there was Laura, Well Laura was in
our group at the time because she really liked, James B
(suprise suprise) and she hung out with us in order to
increase her chances,but as time went on she became more
and more like us and we just accepted her as one of us,

so as you can see here we had a "love thing" going on here.
And where do I fit in you ask... Well I was the messenger,
trhe guy who knew first.
After work (nights) we would all go to "Colours" which is a
pool hall and shoot some pool and have a couple of drinks,
just to unwind. This is when all sorts of speculation would
occur, I don't know why but the major people I really got on
with were Mark, John and Lisa.. Especially Lisa, because she
never used to say a lot I used to always have a conversation
with her I think I gained her trust because she used to tell me
what she was really thinking, (sometimes I wished I never
asked) But thats when I found out that she fancied Mark and I
thought nothing of it... until I found out John really liked Lisa
so here we had a conflict.. Although Mark was not seriously
interested in Lisa he would lead her on a bit (which I really
did not agree about!) but she would go with him never the
less.... Then one night at a party of one the wilko staff Mark
and James B did the most stupidest thing and slept with a 30
employee....(not a threesome but more like in the space of a
few hours) It really did not do their credability any good
because both Lisa and Laura began to lose interest in both of
them.... Especially Laura... She really disliked James after
Lisa was not really bothered by it all. (sort of expected it of
him) but John thought it was his chance and started talking to
her more..... But he could not hold a good conversation with
her becasue he's not all that good a talker.

So I came to the rescue and helped him out (well I thought I
was) I heard rumors now that Lisa liked me more and that
she was after me.....
Well I was really not that bothered, Although she was a nice
girl I did not really fancy her as such and was happy to just be
her friend and I re-asurrsed John that this was the case
(because he was getting on my case!!!)...

Well time went on with Wilkos. I was now out of 6th form
with all my A-levels and I applied to go to Aerystwyth
university to study Marine biology..... What I did was quite
interesting. I decided to take a "year out" and go and save
more money for when I go to uni I realised that this was
going to cost so much that I rather be prepared than sorry....
(although I really did not save that much.)
I stayed with wilkos for a while until......through the post
came a interesting set of articles which corresponded to
my "year out" the year out was related to things to do with
it.... I found a interesting article on "Adventure programs" and
spotted this one company called "PGL" which was a adventure
program which takes kid out and do these activites that they
would otherwise not experience at home like Archery,
Abseiling and canoeing and I was really interested in it, The
only problem was I did not have any qualifications.... apart
from a cooks job which they shown as a KA (Katering
So I sent the application form off anyway and thought
nothing of it...
Mean while at wilkos things were getting hairy I began to
notice Lisa more often as if she was spying on me... It was
quite wierd but I sort of realised what was happening..... We
would all go clubbing on Wednesdays (cheap beer and 70's
music always the best conversation) and I would be with her
almost all the time (almost like a couple) by this point I think
John was having enough because he was becoming frustrated
and after almost 2 years of chasing her he gave up (incidently
he met up with another girl which he has been dating now for
2 years!!).

Well one day on my day off I heard the door and the post
man had just poseted todays letters in one of them was a
letter addressed to me..... I opened it thinking it was another
bill and then I realised that the letter was in fact from PGL.....
They were accepting me to take a position on the katering
staff at their Hillcrest centre in Ross on Wye...... I was
excited!! I accepted the position and I had to tell Wilko's I was
leaving the company in a couple of weeks...

This was the longest couple of weeks in my life.......