Hell is where i live

GIrlfriends just piss me off
2001-03-31 20:51:12 (UTC)

I kissed her once more before..

I kissed her once more before pulling her thong down her
legs and throing them to the floor. I imediatly slid my
head between her leggs and started to lick the outside
pussy lips. she was so horney now it was unreally. I got to
work going up and down round and round her pussy util she
was so hot i had to give her the pleasure she needed. I
started working on her clit kissing sucking flicking with
my toungue. She was now cumming like never before. After
that i put on a conndom and we started having fun sex. she
was horney and i was going for it. She started to slap my
ass which i was not execting but it turned me on so much
wee came together. We cleaned up and went down stairs to
find my mum walking down the garden path. Good timing.
later she went home. I am now off to spiders.