my mind is overflowing with crap!
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2001-12-03 02:19:15 (UTC)


this weekend was jsut crazy!
friday i went to karens and i dyed her hair and it turned
out really well. and then she talked me into singing
kareoke. she can talk me into doing just about
anything.then we watched superstar...but she fell asleep
during it, so then i went home.
Saturday justing asked me to go to the bars with him and i
told him if he got me an id i would go. So he got one and i
was really scared to go. so i went up to the guy and got
denied....jsut great! So then i had to try again to get
into the same place because that is where all of his
friends were going. so i took off my jacket and walked up
again but with girls instead of justin.
and he was like someone was just here with this id. and i
said are you serious? what did she look like and he gave me
a description of some girl...then he let me i go in
get myself a drink...then he comes up to me..and realizes
i'm the same girl and kicks me out..ha ha ha ha wow did i
feel then i got me and justing "kicked out for life"
and he kept saying you got some fucking balls ...yadda
yadda yadda.
and it was justins birthday celebration so i felt bad. but
he felt bad too because he said it was his fault. So long
story short from this point he drove me home.
but after he drove me back he gave me a hug goodnight and
it was a really nice was long and i haven't been
hugged in a while.
Then tonight i talked ot micky on icq. and he said he was
going ot call me at 7. and he did, and he was at my door
when he called it was a nice he came in a
talked for a bit..then he left and i got another hug and
the invite to parties so all is well and what a crazy