buffalo girl

phsycho's life
2001-12-03 02:12:44 (UTC)

fun fun fun!!!!

i just had a really fun weekend! on friday night i went to
emilys after our game. (we lost) then we went extreme
bowling with her youth group. they are fun people. i got to
meet devin. he's a cool person. then we went into her hot
tub at like 4 in the mornin. me and emily didn't go to sleep
till like 7:30. it was lots of fun. then me and chelle went
to the mall till like 5. that was the fun part of the
weekend. then today we put up christmas decorations. now i'm
talkin to people. devin doesn't think i'm a freako that
doesn't talk! that's good. geeze! i'm really hyper!

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