Nothing but drama....
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2001-12-03 02:00:40 (UTC)

Day before Dev's wedding....

Not much happened this night, Damien went to Devorahs
rehearsal, but when he got home, boy...I dont know he
starts questioning me...I was on the phone with Cynthia,
and had the computer on...big deal right? To him it was I
guess. "Why were you staring at a blank sreen, who were you
talking to"..YADA YADA YADA. Gave me the third degree over
nothing. And whats worse is that he comes in here, and
acts as if Jonathan nor I were in the room...Thats what
pissed me off. He swears I am doing something on the
computer..sorry but thats his area of interest, not mine!!!
Even rented a movie, didnt see it either. Went to bed mad
as hell, thinking to myself, "what the hell is going on
here" I really hate this shit. But whatever, that day is
over and done with, Thank Goodness...