Aradia Goblin Queen

Aradia's Head
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2001-12-03 01:39:34 (UTC)


so yea, im *still* feeling sorry for myself.

thought it would pass, figured *maybe* it was a dip in my
estrogen (my period cant decide whether or not its coming
or going.) anyhow, its none of the above, i think im just
bored. plain bloody bored.

and can you blame me?, every few months, i throw myself
into a rut. a boring, shitty rut.

anyhow, ill get over it. ive got a novel to distract me
from this uber-reality. (obsidian butterfly, hamilton) its
not to bad so far. kinda buffy meets lestat...sorta

so this guy whom ive been devoting much of my waking
moments too. he did end up going out yesterday (to the
falls) (((CANADA)).... iwth his cuz and this chic. (the one
he informed me "was really hott and had a thing for him".
and how did this little goblin queen find out? well, i was
sitting in the parking lot of a local dollar store and he
happened to be walking by from his dinner break. so, i did
wot any other empathic might do and offered him a ride to
work (hey, it was cold outside). he filled me in on his
night (briefly) and the informed me that he cant take the
cold at night, only during the day. ((see i learn new
things everything))

so yea, as far as this friendship is concerned, i think its
dead. ive written this in my fuzzy little pink diary but
never admited it outloud (well, this is as close to outloud
as im getting). everything between us is pretty blah.
blahblahblah. i cant carry this friendship anymore, so BAH
to it too. if he s not even gonna try, neither am i.

oh well, im off to figure out wot the monster is that anita
is gonna have to kill (my novel you idiot)