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2001-12-03 01:32:27 (UTC)


They stole my dreams and now I can’t stop crying. How can
something that has, thus far, lasted my entire lifetime, be
taken away in one day? They did it so fucking easily, with
just a few words. It was as if they were telling a child
that they, “couldn’t go to McDonalds today”, because they
had “not been good enough.” Not telling me that my life was
over. Not telling me that they had taken the only thing I
was living for – my only hope.

So now that feeling is back. The one I have been dreading
ever since it left. The one that follows me around like a
shadow, waiting for a second of grief, so as it can invade
my life once more. It’s like an incessant, incurable
infection that slowly engulfs me. It takes over my entire
world – it controls my feelings, movements, thoughts and
dreams. What dreams?

What bloody dreams…