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2001-03-31 20:36:05 (UTC)

the darkness under my eyes is..

the darkness under my eyes is purple and bubbly. the black
on my nails has made me so pale. the bruise on my calves is
fading away as i am anew. smile and dont let me see your
eyes. let me not know. for i would like to figure it out.
fighting away the sadness. utter happiness may be near as i
realize that you are my prize. i am alone but knowing that
i am with you as well. as you bathe in the sun and cleanse
your spirit of all the fake signs. don't let them fool you
for i know what you shall be doing but i will keep quiet
because you shall figure it out for yourself. i do not need
to let you know because you already do. just think about it
a little. smile and don't say a word for i will know