life thru my eyes
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2001-12-03 01:23:10 (UTC)

My Weekend: Hot Wings and Rented Movies

Mood: blah
Food Status: had a steak and cheese sub for dinner
Time: 8:11 PM
Music: none (wow, thats boring)

why do weekends go by so fast? there are five days of work
and only two and a half of fun...that doesn't seem to
balance out. well, i'd say only two days of fun cause'
half of sunday i'm dreading monday. its like i try so hard
to survive my slow week and when its finally over its only
seemed to last but a short time. i vote for switching the
week around and making it a five day weekend and two day
work week. Amanda for president anyone?

anyways, a little about my weekend. friday night i went to
a party for a friend of jenna's. kevin and i went with
her. i really had a lot of fun, the people that were there
really seemed to be cool. the only thing was that i didn't
know them and kevin was with me. i know that sounds weird
but here is a bit of an explination. he was being tired
and anti social so i felt bad that i was having a good
time. and sense he was in a bad mood i didn't feel very
inclined to make any new friends with the guys that were
there. i talked to the girls but tried to stay away from
hanging out with to many guys which was kinda hard for me
cause' i seem to have more fun hanging out with guys.
there's just a carelessness about guys that i like, they
all pick on each other and are thats what i
call some real fun. i have more in common with guys. so i
just talked to jenna and this dude and when i looked over
to find kevin to see if he was shooting me anymore "i'm
gonna kill u for bring me here" looks but he had gone into
another room and was about asleep in a chair. so we left.

saturday we hung out with my dad and helped him get some
chores done. my grandfather passed away a few months ago
and we're getting house and property cleaned out so that
was one of our little tasks. saturday kevin and i rented a
few movies and ordered out hotwings and just sat around the
house chilling out.

sunday we once again went nowhere, but i didn't mind.
usually i'm one of those girls who wants to be taken out at
least each weekend but i guess that party did it for me and
i was ok. it was just nice to hang out around the house
with kevin. we have fun just doing nothing and being
together. thats one reason i know i really love him. we
can just make our own fun together doing silly stuff.

anyways, i've been typing a book so i guess i'll stop. if
you've read this far, wow, i'm impressed, i know i get
really boring. but i do kinda like to get some messages
and feedback. i feel like nobody cares! but i think i'll
go continue my weekend of doing nothing by laying in the
floor, watching tv, and eating something. good night all.

sweet dreams,